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Consumer Guide to Small Claims Court in Massachustts

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Consumers Guide to Small Claims Court

Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation 1 Ashburton Place Boston, MA 02108 (617) 727-7780

William F. Weld, Governor Nancy Merrick, Director

SMALL CLAIMS COURT FUNCTIONS If you are unable to resolve your complaint through self-help or local consumer group mediation, you may wish to use the Small Claims Court. Known popularly as the people's court, this informal and inexpensive forum is designed to help you settle disputes of $2000 or less without the aid of an attorney. An exception to the $2000 maximum is made for property damage caused by a motor vehicle. If an action is one for which double or treble (triple) damages are permitted by law, the limit may be increased to $4000 for double damages and $6000 for treble damages. The law also provides for double or treble damages plus costs and attorney fees in certain landlord/tenant situations and actions brought under Chapter 93A.

If your claim is only slightly in excess of $2000, you may still decide to sue for the $2000 in Small Claims Court to avoid the costly and lengthy court battle in a higher court. If your claim is greatly in excess of $2000 you may wish to retain the services of an attorney and sue in another court.

By choosing a Small Claims Court, you waive all right to a jury trial. Furthermore, it is only in very specific instances that you have the right to appeal to a higher court if the Clerk does not find in your favor. The Defendant always has the right to appeal.

The atmosphere of Small Claims Court is informal, and the rules of the Court are simple. You can sue or be sued in this Court without being represented by a lawyer, because the more formal procedures characteristic of other courts are not required. As the Plaintiff, or person suing, you are allowed to present your own evidence and speak in layperson's terms. A Plaintiff under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who may sue on behalf of the minor. Non-lawyers are allowed to assist parties in the presentation or defense of their cases when, in the judgment of the court, such assistance would facilitate the presentation or defense. The Defendant, or person being sued, has the same right to present his own case and have the assistance of non- lawyers.

If the other party has a lawyer, you are not necessarily at a disadvantage because you are representing yourself. The participation by lawyers representing parties may be limited in a manner consistent with the simple and informal adjudication of the controversy. It is the Clerk's duty to ensure all parties a fair hearing.

As of September 1, 1983, new Uniform Small Claims Rules govern all procedures in small claims cases. This pamphlet has been updated to reflect the new rules.

SELECTING THE APPROPRIATE COURT Small Claims sessions are conducted in every Massachusetts District Court, the Boston Municipal Court, the Hampton County Housing Court, the new Worcester Housing Court, and the Boston Housing Court. Each District Court is formally identified by its county name and by a district number or region within the county. Each District Court is also informally identified by the name of the city or town where it is located. The plaintiff has the option to file suit in the district court where either the Plaintiff or Defendant lives or has her/his place of business or employment. In landlord-tenant disputes, the Plaintiff could sue in the district where the property is located.


THE PRELIMINARIES Contact the Small Claims Court Clerk by visiting, writing or telephoning the Court. Inform the Clerk that you want to sue in Small Claims Court. The Clerk will provide you with forms to fill out. If your request was by letter or phone, the Clerk will mail you the required forms. If you request it or, if otherwise feasible and appropriate to facilitate the filing of a legible and complete claim, the Clerk will assist you in filling out the forms. Your small claims action is begun by filling out a Statement of Claim and Notice form. The following information must be furnished when you file:

You must furnish the precise legal name and address of the party you are suing. You may sue any individual, business, partnership, or corporation. For example, S & J Construction, Inc. The legal name of a business which is not a corporation may be determined by contacting the clerk at your city or town hall and requesting business certificate information. The legal name of a corporation can be obtained from the Secretary of State, Corporations Division, One Ashburton Place, 17th Floor, Boston, MA 02108 or by telephoning 617/727-2850 or 617/727-9640.

- You must state your own name and address. - You must state the reason why you are suing in concise, untechnical language, but with particularity and comprehensiveness, and the amount of money you seek. You can only sue for money in Small Claims Court. The amount of your claim should include both the actual amount of damage done and any additional cost incurred due to the damage (taxi fares, parking, car rental, telephone charges, postage, photocopying and court costs). In Chapter 93A actions, up to $6019.00 excluding additional costs can be recovered: $2000 (the maximum claim) x 3 + $19.00 (court costs) = $6019.00. - You must sign the form documenting your case and, except where waived by the clerk or the court under the Indigent Court Costs Law, pay the statutory entry fee and such other amount as is sufficient to cover the cost of mailing, by certified mail, return receipt requested, and also by first class mail, a copy of the Statement of Claim and Notice form to the Defendant at the address or addresses supplied by you. The amount depends upon the amount of money you demand. It costs $14.00 to file for damages under $500 and $19.00 to file for damages over $500. This fee and any other court fees will be returned, if you win your case. - Your claim may be filed in person or by mail. However, when the papers are sent by mail to the clerk, the action is not commenced until the papers are actually received.

*The Clerk must provide a copy of the Statement of Claim and Notice form to you upon filing. The copy must show the date and time of trial. You will also receive a Docket Number, or reference number for your suit. Use this number to identify your case when you contact the Clerk.

*The Clerk must promptly send to the Defendant by certified mail, return receipt requested, and also by separate first class mail, at the address or addresses supplied by you, a copy of the Statement of Claim and Notice form. Such certified mail notice of the claim is sufficient, even if it is returned unclaimed or refused by the Defendant, as long as the first class mail notice is NOT returned to the court undelivered. The court may provide for any other means of service in individual cases as is deemed necessary.

As long as the first class mail notice is NOT returned to the court undelivered, the Defendant will be deemed to have notice and will be defaulted if he or she doesn't either appear in Court or give a just reason for failure to appear. You, the Plaintiff, automatically win in a default situation.

If you are sued and cannot appear on the date set for the trial, the Court must be contacted and the reason explained. Failure of the Defendant to appear without providing a reason means that the Plaintiff automatically wins and the Defendant may be ordered to pay the amount claimed. If the Court accepts the reason for inability to appear on the scheduled date, it may allow a continuance, or extension until a future date. (See Continuances.)

PREPARATION FOR THE TRIAL - Before your own trial, visit the Court and observe a Small Claims Court session. Familiarize yourself with the manner in which the Court is conducted.

- Call the Clerk during the week before your hearing and again the day prior to your hearing to determine if the Defendant has received the Statement of Claim and Notice. The Clerk will inform you if the case was postponed, or if the Defendant has filed an answer. Obtain a copy and use the Defendant's answer to prepare your case more effectively.

- To refresh your memory, prepare a chronological summary of events and relevant facts to facilitate your presentation.

- Practice what you will say to the Clerk ahead of time. Know all the details of your case so that you will be prepared to provide an accurate response to the Clerk's questions at the trial.

- Bring to Court any evidence that will help prove your case. Include all documents - contracts, letters, canceled checks, receipts, leases, estimates - and the actual damaged goods or photographs of shoddy workmanship. Bring certified copies of the applicable Attorney General's regulations if you are citing a specific violation. These are available at the State Bookstore, State House, Room 116, Boston, MA 02133 - Telephone: 617/727-2834.

- If you are suing under the Consumer Protection Act, Chapter 93A, notify the Clerk of that fact and that you are entitled to double or treble damages under that statute. Bring a copy of your 30 day demand letter.

- Schedule witnesses who can verify your claims or confirm your statements. If a witness refuses to participate, the clerk can help subpoena him or her. A subpoena is a court notice ordering a witness to appear in court on a trial date. The $7.00 witness fee will be added to the total judgment only by special order of the court.

THE TRIAL * Arrange for transportation of friendly witnesses, and arrive at the Court House at least an hour before your case is heard.

* When your case is called, all parties concerned - Plaintiff, Defendant, Witnesses and Interpreters - approach the bench where the Clerk is sitting. The parties and witnesses testifying must be sworn. The Clerk will hear each side of the case allowing each side to develop the story with evidence and witness participation. The Plaintiff or person suing, presents the case first. The presentation should be brief, well-organized and emotionally controlled. Then, the Defendant, or person being sued presents his or her version of the case. Always speak directly to the Clerk. Don't argue with the Defendant in Court, or interrupt his or her presentation.

After both parties have presented their cases, cross questioning by each party of the other side, including witnesses, is permitted.

The Clerk will act as moderator and fact finder, asking questions and encouraging discussion to develop all the facts in the case. The Clerk will conduct the trial in such order and form and with such methods of proof as he or she deems best suited to discover the facts and do justice in the case. If you don't understand what the Clerk says, ask to have it explained. The Clerk may in his or her discretion, award additional costs in a sum not exceeding $100 against any party who has set up a frivolous or misleading claim or answer, or has otherwise sought to hamper a speedy and fair determination of the claim.

If the Defendant defaults, or does not show up, and you appear for trial, you automatically win. However, you must show the Court proof of your claim. (If the Defendant appears for the trial and the Plaintiff fails to appear, the case will be dismissed. If neither Plaintiff nor Defendant appears for trial, the claim must also be dismissed.)


SETTLE - The parties may come to an agreement to settle out of court even after the suit has started. The agreement must be in writing. Notify the Court of settlement by providing a copy to the Clerk. The original copy of this settlement, entitled Agreement for Judgment, should be signed by both you and the Defendant and filed with the Court's records, so that it may be enforced by law. The Plaintiff should keep a copy of the settlement for his records and the other party should also.

ANSWER - The filing of an answer by the Defendant is optional. The Defendant will be instructed that he or she may, if he or she wishes, submit a written answer to the claim in the form of a letter to the court, signed by him or her and setting out in clear and simple language the reason(s) why the Plaintiff should not prevail. The answer should state fully and specifically what parts of the claim are contested.

DEFAULT - If the Defendant fails to appear at the trial, the Plaintiff automatically wins. A Judgment and order requiring payment of a stated amount, remains valid for 20 years. A court will require some type of showing by the plaintiff that the claim is valid prior to entry of judgment.

COUNTERCLAIM - A Counterclaim is a Defendant's suit in reverse against a Plaintiff. The counterclaim procedure is optional. If you have a valid claim against the party suing you, notify the Clerk that you wish to file a counterclaim. For example, if a repair shop is suing you for repair costs, you might counterclaim for the cost of repairing the part improperly installed. In the answer, or in the course of the proceedings, the Defendant may set forth in writing any claim which he has against the Plaintiff. No written answer to the Defendant's claim is required and both the Plaintiff's and the Defendant's claims are deemed one case. If the Plaintiff wants more time to prepare for the counterclaim, he or she may ask the court for a continuance. (See Continuances.) A counterclaim must be filed with the Clerk at least two days prior to the hearing. A nominal charge of $2.25 is collected for this filing.

AMENDMENTS AND DISCOVERY The Court may at any time allow any claim or answer to be amended as justice may require. No discovery will be allowed except upon good cause shown. Ask the Clerk if you have questions.

ATTACHMENTS Pre-trial attachment is not permitted. Post- trial attachment must be in accordance with applicable statutory provisions and with the civil rules applicable to the department in which the case is pending. Ask the Clerk if you have questions.

CONTINUANCES Where the Defendant has been given notice, trial will not be continued to another date unless by agreement of the parties with the approval of the court, or unless there is a showing of good cause. Any motion for continuance must be in writing unless the court permits an oral application.

DECISION OF THE COURT After hearing the cases of both parties, the Clerk may make an immediate decision, ruling in favor of either the Plaintiff or the Defendant. If the Clerk requires more time for deliberation, the case will be taken Under Advisement. The Clerk will reserve judgment and will inform the parties of the decision by mail. If the decision is for the Defendant the case is over and no one pays anyone. If the decision is for the Plaintiff, the Plaintiff wins even if the amount is less than the original claim.

Upon the decision of the court, the court must, except where justice will not be served thereby, also order payment to the prevailing party (the winner), or to the court on behalf of the prevailing party, of the amount of the judgment and costs, as the case may be, on or by a date stated or in specified installments.

JUDGMENTS AND ORDERS TO PAY Judgments must be entered forthwith upon the decision of the court. The date of judgment is the date the judgment is entered in the docket. The Clerk must promptly complete and send to each party by first class mail the Notice of Judgment and Order form.

If the Defendant has not appeared, the order must be for the full amount of the judgment and costs, payable in full in 30 days, unless the court orders otherwise. The provisions of an order to pay must be stated on the Notice of Judgment and Order form.

COSTS The actual cash disbursements of the prevailing party for the entry fee and mailing fees must be allowed as costs. Witness fees and other costs are allowed only by special order of the court.

APPEALS The Defendant, who has appeared for the trial and lost, is legally entitled to appeal a Small Claims Court decision. The Defendant must file the appeal within 10 days after the decision and pay $100 cash or certified check or post a $100 bond. A removal fee of $29.00 is required. The court may waive the money or bond requirement if it is believed the Defendant is unable to pay. Upon the Defendant's appeal of a case, an attested copy of the original docket entries and the original papers in the case must be transmitted to the division of the department to which the case has been appealed.

COLLECTING YOUR MONEY - PROCEDURE FOR ENFORCEMENT OF JUDGMENTS If the Defendant, who has been ordered to pay, fails to obey the order, the Plaintiff must inform the Clerk who may make such inquiry into the matter, if any, as he or she deems useful. If the matter remains unresolved, the Clerk must issue a Notice to Show Cause to the Plaintiff who must arrange for the Notice to Show Cause to be served by an officer duly qualified to serve it. Ask the Clerk how to hire a Sheriff or Constable to serve the Notice to Show Cause. (Consult the Yellow Pages of your phone book for listings of Constables and Sheriffs.) File a Military Affidavit form stating that to the best of your knowledge the Defendant is not in the armed services, If the Defendant is in the military, the Clerk will advise you how to proceed. The Notice to Show Cause must indicate the date and time of hearing. Upon hearing, the court must take such action, permitted by law, as it deems appropriate to the end that orders of payment are complied with promptly and satisfaction of the judgment in the case is not frustrated.

If, after judgment has been entered, the Defendant moves out of the judicial district where the action was brought, the court may, on request of the Plaintiff, transfer the action to the division of the court in the judicial district to which the Defendant has moved. If the court orders such a transfer, the docket entries and the original papers in the case will be forwarded to the next court, without payment of an entry fee, and the case will proceed in that court. Execution is another legal process of enforcing the judgment. Under the rules, execution must issue to the prevailing party upon written request after fifteen business days of the date of judgment. Execution must be in accordance with the statutory requirements for execution on civil judgments generally; provided, however, that execution must in no way affect the procedure for enforcement of judgments described above. Ask the Clerk if you have questions. A party is allowed both to obtain execution and to seek enforcement under the procedure for enforcement of judgments described above, although no double recovery is allowed.

RELIEF FROM JUDGMENT OR ORDER Within one year of the date of judgment, the court may, upon a party's application and after such notice as may be deemed appropriate, vacate or grant relief from any judgment or order, including an order of dismissal under the rule regarding failure of a Party to appear for Trial , entered under the rules for want of actual notice to a party, for error or for any other cause that the court may deem sufficient, and may supersede execution. The court may also order the repayment of any amount collected under such judgment or order, and any action by the court may be made conditional upon the performance of any reasonable condition. Ask the Clerk if you have questions.

SOURCES OF INFORMATION For further information, contact the Small Claims Advisory Service, Phillips Brooks House, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138: 617/497-5690 and the Office of Consumer Affairs, One Ashburton Place, Rm. 1411, Boston, MA, 02108: 617/727-7780



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69. DISTRICT COURT OF CENTRAL BERKSHIRE 24 Wendel I Avenue, Pittsfield 01 201 413/499-0558 Dalton, Hancock, Hinsdale, Lanesborough, Peru, Pittsfield, Richmond, Washington, and concurrent jurisdiction in Lenox, Becket, Windsor

70. DISTRICT COURT OF NORTHERN BERKSHIRE 65 Park Street, Adams 01220 413/743-0021 Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Florida, Hancock, New Ashford, North Adams, Savoy, Williamstown, Windsor

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For further information, you may wish to obtain A Consumer's Guide to the 30-Day Demand Letter, which is also available from our Office. Call 617/727-7780.


I would like to thank Noelle White of the Executive Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation for her assistance.

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